Rights & Responsibilities

School Responsibilities

We will clearly communicate the following:

  • Starting date of the program
  • Expected days/times of classes and schedule
  • Number of credits, duration of the program, and requirements for graduation
  • Requirements for graduation
  • Degree received upon graduation and expected date of graduation
  • Procedure for withdrawing from the program and dropping a course
  • Tuition and charges to include fees, books, supplies, equipment, transportation and graduation
  • Grounds for immediate dismissal/termination from the program
  • Payment methods, terms of payment and refund policy
  • Reasons for cancellation/termination by the school
  • Procedures for applicants who request cancellation

We provide all students:

  • A printed or electronic version of our course catalog and student handbook
  • A copy of the completed enrollment agreement
  • Information regarding uniforms
  • Information regarding parking
  • Information regarding wearing ID badge

We provide eligible students with the following:

  • A 15-hour first year seminar for 1st semester students.
  • A math competency test that will be given and must be passed during nursing courses
  • Standardized testing throughout the program, including a comprehensive predictor in the last nursing course
  • A 3-day NCLEX-RN review course

We cannot guarantee the following:

  • Employment upon graduation

Student Responsibilities

Applicants/students are responsible for the submitting the following:

  • Completed application and any documents that must accompany the application
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Completed medical record and required titers
  • Completed criminal background check

Students applying for financial aid should:

  • Complete a FAFSA if intending to apply for financial aid.

All students must:

  • Maintain health insurance throughout the program
  • Attend student orientation
  • Participate in a mandatory 15-hour First Year Seminar (no fee, no credit)
  • Complete an Enrollment Agreement
  • Undergo mandatory drug screening
  • Submit to fingerprinting when participating in the ASN 2-year track
  • Student is expected to know basic computer skills

Select students must:

  • Attend a 3-day NCLEX-RN review course
  • Healthcare Professionals or Professional Rescuer CPR certification is required.